Consumer Safety

Lead shows up in consumer products too often. It can appear at dangerous levels in toys, ceramics and candies. It also turns up in children’s jewelry, some home remedies, baby bibs, diaper cream, lunchboxes — all affecting children directly — as well as purses, mini-blinds, fishing sinkers, and wheel weights.

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Prevent lead poisoning!

Candles with stiff metal wicks may contain lead, which can be vaporized into the air when lit.  This can contribute to lead poisoning and can be dangerous to small children and pregnant women. Paraffin wax and special scents can also be dangerous.

Toy recalls due to lead poisoning dangers are common. Despite legislation to address this problem there have been at least 19 children’s products recalls due to lead last year. Lead poisoning prevention starts with checking out toy recalls and children’s product recalls before you buy.

Lead exposure adversely affects brain and neurological development, resulting in reduced I.Q.s, and contributes to behavioral disorders in children. Use the links at right to get more information on safe toys and avoiding lead toxicity.

Lead exposure and lead toxicity can be prevented!