Permit Office Lead-Safe Work Tool Kit

The Lead-Safe Work Tool Kit can make it easier for you to work with the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. As of April 22, 2010, the EPA requires that anyone conducting renovation, repair, or painting work for compensation in pre-1978 buildings must be trained, certified and use lead-safe work practices. The State of California also requires lead-safe work practices. This includes contractors, remodelers and landlords applying for permits. Disturbing or removing pre-1978 paint without safe work practices can be extremely hazardous to workers, occupants and neighbors and can contaminate the property. Children exposed to lead through unsafe work practices can have slow development and lifelong learning difficulties.

Before picking up tools, read the RRP rule

The Tool Kit contains summaries of the RRP rule and related California building codes, posters and brochures you can use in your office, tips for lead-safe work practices, educational materials available for download on our website, lead hazard warning labels, a list of accredited trainers and information about how local governments are implementing the Federal rule.

Lead Hazard Facts   Summary of EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule

Full EPA RRP Rule Regulation

How Local Governments are Implementing the RRP Rule

California Lead-Related Construction Codes and Regulation

Lead Paint Hazards—a Guide for Code Enforcement

California Contractors State License Board Announcement

For more information go to

Handout & Display Materials

“Are you in compliance?” brochure (includes list of training providers)

“Are you in compliance?” small panel

Contractors—Lead Safety during Renovation (EPA, 14mB PDF, English)

Contractors—Lead Safety during Renovation (EPA, 14mB PDF, Spanish)

Renovate Right EPA booklet, English (7mB PDF)

Renovate Right EPA booklet, Spanish (7mB PDF)

Lead Hazard Warning stickers for permits (Avery 5197.doc)
(Avery 5963.doc)

Childproof Your Home Improvements (EPA poster 8.5 x 11)

New Regulations to Prevent Lead Poisoning (EPA poster 8.5 x 11)

  • Display these materials in your office
    Use these lead safety links on your website.
  • Require contractors to be certified as lead-safe before you issue permits.
  • Post warning labels on contractors’ permits.
  • Stop unsafe work practices.