Safe Toy Shopping

Keep your family lead-safe! Use these links and resources to avoid bringing dangerous products into your home. To avoid lead poisoning, use the toy recall widget at right to check products. This easy-to-use toy recall tool is updated continually. 

Woman in Toy Store looking for lead-safe toys

Lead poisoning prevention is a year-round project!

Candles with stiff metal wicks can contribute to lead poisoning and be particularly dangerous to small children and pregnant women.

Make sure any holiday candies are lead-free. Check for candy recalls to make sure you are giving children lead-free treats. And check for toy recalls too. Toy recalls due to lead poisoning dangers are common. There were at least 19 recalls of children’s products containing lead last year. Lead poisoning prevention starts with checking toy recalls and children’s product recalls. Using the toy recall widget, check the purchases you are considering, to keep kids safe from lead poisoning and toxic exposure.

For lead-safe home improvements and spring cleaning, find out how to dispose of lead-contaminated waste, work safely with old lead paint on walls, windows and doors, and how to find a qualified contractor when you find lead contamination at your home.

Lead exposure adversely affects brain and neurological development, resulting in reduced I.Q.s, and contributes to behavioral disorders in children.

Lead exposure of children is entirely preventable!